In English our archives are available on different sites notably:

Inprecor N°1

- Red Mole Rising is a British-based site compiling archives of international publications as well as specifically British and Irish publications of the Fourth International.

- is a broad-based Marxist archive that includes many publications and writings by leading members of the Fourth International.

In particular:
Fourth International (1st series 1940-1945)
Fourth International (2nd series 1946-1956)
Fourth International (3rd series 1958-1964)
The Internationalist (1959-1963)
World Outlook (1963-1968)
Intercontinental Press (1968-1986 - in the later years this became de facto a public publication of the SWP USA alone)
Inprecor (1974-1977)
International Marxist Review (1982-1995)
International Viewpoint (1982-2004)

- The site International Viewpoint Online (from 2005)

- The site
Aims to make available to all the works of Ernest Mandel in six languages:
English, French, Dutch, Castilian, German and Farsi.

- Our archives in French...

- Our archives in Castilian...

- Il nostro archivio in italiano...
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