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The Uprising in China

2 jours 2 heures ago

“Supporting people protesting from below will not escalate the US-led imperial conflict with China. In fact, our popular solidarity across borders is the best way to dampen down tensions and build a common international struggle for justice, equality, and democracy, all of which are under threat from our rulers throughout the world.”

- IV574 - November 2022 /
Yun Dong

Forty-nine years ago the Polytechnic massacre in Athens

1 semaine 1 jour ago

17 November 1973 is one of the key dates in contemporary Greek history and in the country's political and social struggles: following the countless acts of resistance to the fascist regime of the colonels' dictatorship (1967-1974), hundreds of students occupied the Polytechnic University of Athens and popularised their action by calling for the fall of the colonels.

- IV574 - November 2022 / ,
Andreas Sartzekis

Solidarity with Mamadou Ba

2 semaines 4 jours ago

Mamadou Ba is a leader and spokesperson for the Portuguese association SOS Racismo, and an active voice in the public debate on the origins and realities of racism and is part of a generation of black activists who discuss the country's colonial responsibility with its long-lasting effects. His public exposure makes him a target for far-right organizations and he is often threatened by them. He needs your solidarity

- IV574 - November 2022 / ,
8 heures 57 minutes ago
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