Call for donations: Support the Fourth International presence online!

The Fourth International brings together revolutionary Marxist organisations present in about forty countries. The writings and analyses of our member organisations are disseminated in different languages, mainly English, Spanish and French, but also Arabic, Italian and Portuguese. In these times of crisis and confinement, it is more important than ever to have a complete and coherent internet and social network presence.

International Viewpoint and Inprecor are currently the two websites and the paper journal published by the Fourth International, in English and French respectively. We now wish to broaden the online dissemination of our writings and analyses by relaunching a Spanish-language site, Punto de Vista Internacional, which will allow us to follow and fuel debates around struggles in Latin America and the Spanish State.

We also want to strengthen our online presence as an organization by creating a Fourth International website in three languages. This site aims to make the documents of the World Congresses and the official statements of the FI, its International Committee and Bureau easily accessible. Similarly, the site will feature articles from and list links to our member and observer organizations; and provide easy access to expanded archives of our current on the RaDAR, Red Mole Rising and sites. The site will also give visibility to the International Youth Camp, its programme, reports of its activity, etc. Articles of analysis or related to current events will also be published in three languages (English, Castilian, French).

The creation of these sites, the graphic design, the hosting, the computer equipment, all this has a cost and the Fourth International can only count on its militant forces for its financing. This is why we are launching this call for donations.

By making a donation towards our goal of 10 000 euros you will contribute to broadening the dissemination of our writings and analyses, of an open and critical Marxism at the service of anti-capitalist, ecosocialist, feminist, anti-racist and internationalist struggles.

Donations can be made – always with the mention “FI Internet” – to one of the following accounts, or by PayPal on the International Viewpoint home page:

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Euro account
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IBAN: NL 25 INGB 0005571638 Image removed.
BIC: INGBNL2A Image removed.
Address: Lombokstraat 40, 1094 AL, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Image removed.
Bank: ING, Postbus 1800, 1102 BW, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Sterling account:
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IBAN GB30 BARC 2026 2040 2596 91Image removed.
SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22.Image removed.
US dollar account:Image removed.
IBAN GB15 BARC 2026 2058 9085 99Image removed.
SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22Image removed.
(For UK details see the last paragraph of this article.)Image removed.
Bank: Barclays Didsbury, Leicestershire, LE87 2BBImage removed.
Cheques and checks can be sent to: International Viewpoint, PO Box 62732 London SW2 9GQ, Britain

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