Against the declaration of the Moroccan regime's relationship with Israel

For the unity of the struggle of the peoples of the region against reactionary regimes, Zionism and imperialism.

Statement by Almounadil- a /Morocco current

The declaration of the Moroccan regime is only an open affirmation of the formalization of its relations with Israel. It has a very long history of cooperation with Israel since its complicity in the migration of Moroccan Jews in the 1950s and 1960s. In 2000, it was strongly contested by a popular mobilization which forced it to close an Israeli liaison office in Rabat.

The new decision is in total contradiction with the will of the Moroccan popular masses who have always taken a stand against Zionism and have affirmed their solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people for their emancipation. This decision testifies to the despotic character of the regime, the simulacrum of its “elected” institutions (the parliament with its two chambers, the chamber of representatives and the chamber of councillors) and its facade government.

Normalization with Israel, the enemy of the peoples of the region, was undertaken under cover of Trump's recognition of Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara. Indeed, the Sahara issue has been used for decades by imperialism as a tool of blackmail to assert its influence, but also to dictate its economic policies and set the roles in regional politics and on the African continent, whether by the European Union as a whole or by France, which is the main regular supporter of the Moroccan regime.

The Sahara issue has also been used for decades by the Moroccan regime to build a “national consensus” on its disguised despotism and structural adjustment policies. Today it aims to use this recognition it obtained by haggling over the question of the Palestinian people to continue to consolidate its alliance within the country and to strengthen its African policy.

The deepening economic and social crisis and its explosive nature in the context of the covid-19 pandemic are pushing the regime in this direction. It hopes to attract funds from abroad (aid, investments, loans) in order to mitigate the effects of this crisis.

US imperialism insists, for its part, on accelerating the normalization of relations between the Arab regimes and Israel to strengthen its position within the imperialist competition in this oil-rich region of the Middle East. The latter remains, in fact, an important source of energy and funds which are invested in the purchase of US Treasury bonds. US imperialism also aims to curb Iran. This is in addition to Trump's objectives of stabilizing his broad electoral base and creating difficulties for the new administration, hoping for a return to the presidency in the next elections, and also to support his right-wing ally Netanyahu who is threatened with legal action once he leaves the presidency of the Israeli government.

The Palestinian question is an issue for all the peoples of the region. Israel constitutes an advanced base for imperialism to protect its interests in the Middle East which is a strategic region, rich in hydrocarbons and bordering key navigational points. This explains the permanent support of imperialism for Israel, the motivations for the secret and open relations between the dependent reactionary regimes and Israel and the convergence of the interests of this trio to get rid of the Palestinian question once and for all and to fight against the revolutionary process in the region.

The question of Western Sahara will not be resolved as long as it does not respect the will of the populations concerned, far from the imperialist ambitions and the aims of the two regimes of Morocco and Algeria. This democratic solution is one of the conditions for moving towards a democratic Maghreb Union of Peoples, free from imperialist domination and the regimes of dependent capitalism. It is this Union that will be able to respond to the aspirations of its peoples by relying on the material and human wealth that is now the object of imperialist plunder with the help of the proxy bourgeoisies.

The struggle of the oppressed in the region has entered a new phase with the launching of the revolutionary process from Tunisia ten years ago. This process with its phases of ascent and regression confirmed the need for instruments of workers’ and people’s struggle with a strategic horizon of confrontation with the reactionary regimes, the Zionist entity and imperialism which constitute a very strong alliance to annihilate the uprisings of the peoples.

Forward for the construction of these tools of struggle at the heart of which are the socialist workers’ parties. These instruments will be armed with lessons of workers’ struggles, self-determination of peoples, democratic construction of an alternative to capitalism and based on a spirit of class and internationalism.

17 December 2020

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