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“The Déby clan wants to retain power, whatever the cost to the people”

2 jours 9 heures ago

“The junta started its reign in a brutal and bloody way, it was however recognised by Emmanuel Macron, present at the funeral of Idriss Déby Itno. Demonstrations organized by political groups, human rights associations, and trade union organizations were violently repressed (eight dead and more than five hundred arrested), their leaders were arrested.”

- IV573 - October 2022 /
Paul Martial, Zang Nézouné Mahamat

Islamic regime shaken by unprecedented revolt

5 jours 3 heures ago

“The initial slogans, generally directed against the morality police, were very quickly enriched by mass chants such as: “Death to the dictator”, “Down with the Islamic Republic”, “No Shah, no Supreme Guide”, “Woman, Life, Freedom”, or “Bread, Work, Freedom”. The movement was highly politicized from the start, and it was no longer a purely protest movement.”

- IV572 - September 2022 / ,
Bahman Ajang

Italy's Rising Black Tide, A Creeping Counter-Revolution

2 semaines 1 jour ago

“On September 25 Italy will hold elections following the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the concern is palpable. The Economist wrote that they could hardly come at a less opportune time, in the midst of at least three interconnected crises: the invasion of Ukraine, the energy crisis and inflation, which in late August reached 8.4% in Italy, its highest level since 1986.”

- IV572 - September 2022 / ,
Stéfanie Prezioso

My Revolutionary Inspiration, Barbara Ehrenreich

2 semaines 1 jour ago

“A new wave of feminist internationalism is now evident in the huge marches to defend women's rights to abortion in Poland, and in the recent Green Wave of feminist militancy (symbolized by women waving or wearing large green handkerchiefs) that has swept across Latin America, with huge mobilizations to end violence against women and secure women's reproductive rights. Turning history on its head, these activists sometimes say they hope to inspire women in the United States to defend their own reproductive rights.”

- In Memoriam - Obituaries and appreciations / , ,
Lynne Segal
6 heures 35 minutes ago
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