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“The world situation is that of a new cold war”

4 dias 5 horas ago

“The current upsurge of the far right is not, therefore, a roadblock to communism (or anything that might resemble it) as it was in the 1930s, and capital is not looking for an antileft discourse to replace the Cold War one. Rather, it is primarily a quarrel within capitalism itself against a background of crisis. We are obviously concerned as leftists because they are mortal enemies for us. But we are in another historical configuration. ”

- IV578 - March 2023 / , ,
Gilbert Achcar , Thierry Labica

The challenges of feminism in Senegal

6 dias 23 horas ago

“No cultural revolution, no return to the sources or ethnic, religious or national authenticity, claimed by the groups that demand them, can legitimize the persistence, imbued with idealization, of so-called traditional or ancestral values, which involve serious discrimination and inequality.”

- Feminism / ,
Fatou Sow

The political economy of the cost of living crisis in the UK: What is to be done?

1 semana 4 dias ago

Soaring prices of energy, food, other essentials and rent in 2022, caused by multiple supply chain disruptions after Brexit and the pandemic, followed by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, brought an intensive cost of living crisis, exacerbated by inequalities in class, race, gender, as well as the care and ecological crises.

- IV578 - March 2023 / ,
Özlem Onaran

Ahmed Shawki (1960–2023).

2 semanas ago

He served as the central figure in the leadership of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) for the better part of his life, presiding over its rise to become the strongest organization of the US revolutionary left – but also the crisis which eventually led to its dissolution in 2019. Now, Ahmed “Shawki” Sehrawy has died, at only 62 years of age.

- In Memoriam - Obituaries and appreciations / , ,
Florian Wilde
7 horas 44 minutos ago
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