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The life of an unorthodox Marxist

5 hours 1 minute ago

Incarcerated by a Greek dictator, narrowly escaping the Nazis in occupied France, and tried and convicted of aiding the Algerian revolution in the Netherlands in 1961: never a dull moment for the well-dressed revolutionary Mihalis Raptis. Hall Greenland has written a sympathetic but critical biography of the man better known as Michel Pablo, long-time secretary of the Fourth International.

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Herman Pieterson

LFI rejects an agreement with the NPA for the European elections

4 days 22 hours ago

The forthcoming European elections must be an opportunity to express popular anger against Macronism and contribute to the fightback against the danger of the Rassemblement National (National Rally - far-right). That's why for several months now, the NPA has been proposing that, on this occasion, a common list should be formed by all those - political currents, personalities, etc. - who have who have not given up the fight against the current liberal, inegalitarian, authoritarian and racist Europe, in order to defend a programme that defends such a perspective.

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NPA - Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

Look each other in the eyes whilst building a path as you walk

1 week 2 days ago

“With the modest but determined intention of contributing to laying a stone on that long road, on February 3, Anticapitalists and the CUP (Candidatura d'Unitat Popular or Popular Unity Candidacy) convened and co-organised in Barcelona a European meeting of anti-capitalist and alternative left organisations to reflect together on the current moment and debate about the alternatives that we can implement to change Europe at its core.”

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Gonzalo Donair

Europe: Crisis in the agricultural sector

1 week 6 days ago

“We need to ask who decides about our food, talk about rights, raise food sovereignty, the right to decide about our food with criteria of social and environmental justice, as an umbrella under which to walk. The solutions to climate change will not come from unsustainable energy technologies, but from looking to the Earth and building coexistence between its needs and ours.”

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Isa Álvarez Vispo

Ukraine: “Tensions are building… due to the neoliberal policies imposed by the government”

1 week 6 days ago

“After two years of war, the situation is both the same and different. The war continues, but there are changes due to the context – both internal and external. All of these changes were foreseeable from the outset in a very likely scenario of a protracted war (which is not to say that many, me included, were not hoping for more positive but less likely scenarios).”

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Oksana Dutchak
1 hour 44 minutes ago
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