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The Political Labyrinth and the Crossroads of the Left in the Spanish State

1ημέρα 17 ώρες ago

“Once again, in the Spanish labyrinth, class contradictions and positions and identities around the national question are intertwined. The best way to confront the reactionary right and pro-business progressivism is to generate a dynamic of autonomous mobilization, which lays the foundations for a reconstruction of an independent political field from the working class and the oppressed.”

- IV587 - December 2023 /
Manuel Garí

The Zionist Genocidal War and Its Accomplices

2 ημέρες 17 ώρες ago

The truth is that the current aggression against Gaza constitutes, in the clearest possible form, a genocidal war that includes mass murder and “ethnic cleansing”, two crimes against humanity in the classification of international law. These crimes exceed qualitatively everything committed by the Zionist armed forces since 1949 until today and are comparable to what happened during the Nakba. They even exceed the latter in terms of intensity of killing, destruction, and displacement.

- IV587 - December 2023 / ,
Gilbert Achcar

Feminist tide engulfs Italy on 25 November

5 ημέρες 9 ώρες ago

“A historic day for the feminist movement, one that frightens the Meloni government, so far little challenged by social movements. A day that gives the movement a great responsibility: to feed this anger, to continue to insist on the structural dimension of patriarchal violence, to identify concrete goals, to build a real feminist strike on 8 March.”

- IV587 - December 2023 / ,
Marta Autore

Is Milei a fascist threat?

1 εβδομάδα 2 ημέρες ago

The majority of the socialist left opted to abstain in the second round of elections on Sunday 19 November in Argentina, arguing that Javier Milei is not an expression of a fascist movement. But that is no reason to shirk the task of confronting the far right.

- IV586 - November 2023 /
Martí­n Mosquera

Protestors' Demands for a Ceasefire, End to Support for Israel, Shake American Institutions

2 εβδομάδες 4 ημέρες ago

“In the Unites States for the last seven weeks, however, there have been dozens of protest demonstrations involving tens of thousands of people demanding a ceasefire and an end to US. Support for Israel. Mostly organized by Jewish and Palestinian groups, these protests for a ceasefire often involve civil disobedience, blocking major city streets, highways, and bridges, occupying government offices, train stations, or university facilities.”

- IV586 - November 2023 / ,
Dan La Botz
7 ώρες 24 λεπτά ago
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