Motion in solidarity with the Construction Workers' Union of Panamá - Sindicato Único de Trabajadores de la Construcción y Similares (Suntracs) of Panama

Resolution of the International Committee of the Fourth International


1. That the Panamanian population and its organizations, among them the Alianza Pueblo Unido por la Vida, have achieved a victory last November 28, after months of daily demonstrations, youth mega-marches, road and street closures by residents, native peoples and union and trade union forces, coupled with a teachers' strike lasting more than a month, which forced the Supreme Court of Justice to declare unconstitutional the contract law that sought to legalize the ongoing exploitation of an open-pit copper, gold and molybdenum mine.

2. That in spite of the fact that the Panamanian government has declared the closure of the mine of the company First Quantum, of American, Chinese and Canadian capitals, the mine continues under its control, determined to take out of the country the material already extracted, as well as waiting to be able to keep it in operation if a government willing to do so comes to power in the presidential elections of May of this year.

3. That during the process of struggle, two educators and another participant were assassinated, as well as teachers' leaders such as Professor Diógenes Sánchez of the Association of Teachers of the Republic of Panama (ASOPROF) were prosecuted, and the accounts of the Single Union of Construction and Similar Workers (SUNTRACS) were closed in a state bank, followed by the refusal of all banks to open accounts for them, an action that has no precedent in the Latin American trade union movement.

4. That in spite of an official declaration by the Attorney General's Office in December that there were no legal proceedings against SUNTRACS, on Monday, February 26, an investigation for alleged money laundering and the arrest of one of its leaders accused of street closures was announced.

5. That the Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI), of which SUNTRACS holds seats in its leadership, is developing a solidarity campaign against such repressive measures.


To adopt the campaign of solidarity with the activists and SUNTRACS, and to take it to all unions and social movements in which we participate, demanding the cessation of all persecution and the reopening of the accounts of the combative union.

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Fourth International