International youth camp 2022

The youth camp of the Fourth International was first organised in 1984. Since then, the youth sectors of the European organisations of the Fourth International have organised the camp every year, meeting in advance to plan the programme, taking responsibility for the practical aspects of the camp, including simultaneous translation to enable the best possible conditions for participation.

It was not possible, due to the conditions of the pandemic, to organise the camp in 2020 and 2021, but this year, 2022, we are finally able to organise the camp again. We hope that the European comrades will reach their mobilisation targets and that some comrades from other continents will also be able to participate.

What is the camp?

This summer camp brings together several hundred young people, activists and non-activists, to debate and learn together.

Each year in a different country, this year we will be in France, near Moulins.

It's from 23 to 30 July

The principle? To meet in a self-managed camp for a week to meet, train and discuss, with activists from all over the world, around the essential questions for a radical transformation of society, a reversal of capitalism in a feminist, anti-racist, eco-socialist and internationalist perspective!

Feminism, anti-racism, LGBTQI struggles, economy, ecosocialism...

Trainings, workshops and debates will allow us to go deeper into these theoretical questions in order to understand how they work and to exchange on our experiences. Thus, it will be an opportunity to learn how the struggle against the system is carried out on an international scale in order to refine our analyses and our practices.

It will also be an opportunity to take stock of the situation in France. There is no doubt that in the current context of health crisis, the rise of ecological, feminist and social struggles, and just after the presidential elections, we will have debates rich in political perspectives.

A camp like no other!

Because we want a society free from oppression and capitalism, we try to put our principles into practice in the camp. The food, the cleaning, the running of the bar are done collectively. Within the camp the prejudices and norms that prevail in today's society (sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia...) are firmly opposed.

Non-mixed spaces are set up for racialised people, for women and for LGBTI people to ensure that there is a place for discussion and debate between people experiencing the same oppression. An internal camp currency is also proposed to level out the differences in wealth between countries.

An activist and human experience that allows people to build bridges across borders to get to know each other better and change the world.

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