NO to the Moroccan Proposal on Autonomy for the Sahara. We Reject the New Betrayal of the Sahrawi People by the Spanish Government.

 Statement by Anticapitalistas.   

Anticapitalistas definitively rejects the decision of the Spanish government to support the proposal by the Moroccan autocracy for a Saharan regime of autonomy [within Morocco.] With this decision the Spanish government modifies its traditional policy of defense of "a political, just, lasting and mutually agreed solution within the framework of the United Nations" to support the proposal of the Moroccan autocracy perpetuating the occupation of Western Sahara.  A proposal, let us not forget, that has been sponsored by former socialist president Rodríguez Zapatero for some time.

As with 46 years ago with the Madrid Agreements, which sought to legitimise and legalise the Moroccan occupation of the Sahara, the proposal for an autonomy regime is the umpteenth attempt by the Alawi monarchy to try to defend the illegal Moroccan occupation of Sahrawi territory.  But no matter how hard they try, neither the Moroccan king nor the Spanish government can take away from the Sahrawi people their sovereignty and their right to decide.  

We cannot forget that, according to the United Nations, Spain remains the colonising power and that the Sahara continues to be a territory pending decolonisation.   The Spanish government therefore has a responsibility that has been systematically ignored in the last 46 years, during which time it has always been on the Moroccan side supporting an occupation that has repeatedly prevented compliance with UN resolutions on holding a referendum on self-determination.

During all these years, both Spain and the European Union have ignored the constant violations of human rights and international law carried out daily by the Moroccan regime.  Additionally, they have allocated millions of euros from their budgets to subsidise and aid Morocco in exchange for the Moroccan autocracy being faithful border police against migration.  European companies have been illegally plundering the resources of the occupied Sahara for decades.   The judgment of the European Court of Justice makes it very clear that without the complicity and financing of the EU and its companies, the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara would not be possible.   This fact turns Spain and the European Union into financiers and accomplices of these illegal situations

The coalition government generated hope among many sectors of Spanish society in solidarity with the Sahara that it would finally assume its historical responsibility to the Sahrawi people, a responsibility which should never be negotiable.  However, the constitution of the self-proclaimed progressive coalition government, has not modified one iota the Spanish position of complicity with the Moroccan occupation, quite the contrary.   As verified by the recent support for the autonomy proposal for the occupied territory, it is clear that we cannot expect any favourable change from the council of ministers

Therefore, Anticapitalistas calls for mobilising together with our Sahrawi brothers and sisters demanding of the government:

No to the new Madrid agreements.

No to the Moroccan proposal for autonomy for the Sahara.

Freedom for Sahrawi political prisoners.

For the recognition by the Spanish government of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

Let's put an end to the plundering of the natural resources of Western Sahara.

For a self-determination referendum that ensures the freedom and independence of Western Sahara.

March 21 2022

Translated by David Fagan for from Anticapitalistas