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How to overthrow a life-threatening capitalism?

2 jours 13 heures ago

“To understand the role played by productive and reproductive labour (salaried and non-salaried) in ensuring capitalist accumulation is also to understand that only living labour, because it is the very condition of the profits of a small minority of exploiters, is able to overthrow the yoke of capital, through the collective struggle for its emancipation.”

- IV564 - January 2022 / ,
Stéfanie Prezioso

The lead up to the 2022 election campaign in Hungary

3 jours 12 heures ago

“In the case the political space is opened up by an electoral change in 2022, it is likely to remain dominated by a rearrangement of inter-capitalist conflicts and alliances, without significant influence from popular self-organization, and seriously contained by the privatization measures Fidesz is currently pursuing the protection of its economic dependants. However, a possible post-pandemic crisis might induce more serious ruptures in the capitalist regime built up by Fidesz.”

- IV564 - January 2022 / ,
Ágnes Gagyi, Tamás Gerőcs

Biden's Speech on January 6 Insurrection and the Growth of America's Far Right

5 jours 16 heures ago

The U.S. labor movements has no strategy whatsoever to deal with the far rights, beyond voting Democrat. […] The left must involve itself in campaigns to defend the vote as well as in the social movements and workers' struggles, challenging rightwing ideology and demagogy and offering a democratic and socialist alternative.

- IV564 - January 2022 / ,
Dan La Botz

Rescued from history, Rome's dissident Communist partisans

1 semaine 3 jours ago

This is the story of several thousand resistance fighters in Rome who were organised as the Movement Communists of Italy (MCd'I), sometimes better known by the name of their publication, Bandiera Rossa (Red Flag). They criticised Togliatti's PCI (Italian Communist Party) for its policy of national unity with liberals and Christian Democrat forces which effectively blocked a strategy of turning the anti-fascist struggle into an insurrection for socialism. The PCI used all its resources and some unsavoury sectarian tactics to defeat this left organisation.

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Dave Kellaway

How the Russian Left Survived in a Post‑Soviet World

1 semaine 3 jours ago

After the demise of the USSR on December 26, 1991, the Russian left had to find its place in a society transformed beyond recognition. In the face of huge challenges, its activists have led important struggles against the system established by Yeltsin and Putin.
The story of the modern left movement in Russia begins in the late 1980s, during the era of perestroika. From the very beginning it carried a contradictory combination of two political tendencies of the late Soviet period: popular (...)

- Features /
Ilya Budraitskis

50 years after Baodiao: How Hong Kong struggled against all nationalisms

1 semaine 3 jours ago

“But the “Baodiao” movement (保釣運動)—short-hand for “Protect Diaoyutai” (釣魚臺) in Chinese—represents the first movement led by a generation of people in the city imbued with some inchoate sense of local consciousness (to which today's “Hongkonger” identity can be traced back), born and raised in Hong Kong upon the wave of mass migration from mainland China in the 1950s.”

- Features / , , ,
Au Loong-Yu, Law Wing-sang , Mok Chiu-yu, Promise Li
57 minutes 1 seconde ago
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