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What Was Chinese Trotskyism?

4 semaines 1 jour ago

What does it mean to speak of Chinese Trotskyism, and what is its relevance for us today? [1] While early leaders of the Left Opposition in China were some of the key founders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the most knowledgeable readers of Marx, this tradition had also been marginalized, vilified, and later brutally suppressed by the CCP under Mao.

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Promise Li

Beyond Glasgow – what happened at COP26 and where we go next

4 semaines 1 jour ago

It is a month since Alok Sharma as president, fighting back some tears, brought down the gavel on the 26th Conference of the Parties – the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow. The initial flurry of reactions and comments has subsided. Here in Scotland we have already seen some early signs of the impact – with the beginnings of a victory against the development of a new offshore oil field at Cambo.

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Iain Bruce

Friedrich Engels and Primitive Communism

4 semaines 1 jour ago

In November 2020, socialists around the world celebrated the bicentenary of the birth of Friedrich Engels. It is a mistake, often repeated, to regard Engels as a mere popularizer of Marx's ideas. Not only did he contribute, with Marx in 1844-48, to the formation of a new worldview — the philosophy of praxis or historical materialism — but he developed an analysis and argument on subjects that Marx did not want or could not study.

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Michael Löwy

Nigeria: #EndSARS, Workers' Power, and War

4 semaines 1 jour ago

In October 2020, millions in Nigeria marched for two weeks in a revolt that shook the world. From Badagry to Yola, youth and workers rose in unity against the barbarism of police brutality and bad governance. Raising radical slogans and social media hashtags, and mobilizing spontaneous rallies, the rebellion was the most democratic movement in the history of Nigeria.

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Kunle Wizeman Ajayi
1 heure 13 minutes ago
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