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Urgent appeal for solidarity

1 mois 2 semaines ago

The new year of 2024 in Ukraine began with horrific massive Russian missile attacks on the sleeping, peaceful cities of Ukraine. In total, only during the holidays from December 29, 2023, to January 2, 2024, Russian forces killed 90 civilians during the missile attacks. In only 5 days, Russia launched 500 missiles and UAVs at residential areas, businesses, hospitals, educational institutions, and cultural heritage sites in Ukraine.
Every day, residents of our peaceful cities die at the (...)

- IV588 - January 2024 /
Mykhailo Volynets

Election 2024 Deform & Dysfunction

1 mois 2 semaines ago

IN A POLARIZED, angry, anxiety-and-crisis-ridden United States of America, wide swathes of a fragmented and divided electorate find common ground at least on what they don't want: a 2024 repeat of a presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Yet eleven months in advance — subject to change, but not easily — that spectacle is just what we'll get.

- IV588 - January 2024 /
Against the Current Editors

Is exercising citizenship a crime in Algeria?

1 mois 3 semaines ago

“In a regime of democratic freedoms, citizenship, i.e. the participation of citizens in the construction of the public space but also their determination to defend their rights, is the essential criterion for the functioning of the regime. In a regime of dictatorship and authoritarianism, citizenship embodies subversion, being a spoilsport for the rulers.”

- IV587 - December 2023 / ,
Lahcène G.
1 heure 23 minutes ago
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