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The Zapatista irruption of 1 January 1994: new internationalism and political redefinitions

2 semaines 6 jours ago

The state of Chiapas is one of the most landlocked and poor in Mexico. So when, on January 1, 1994, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN, founded in 1983) took control of several towns by force, it was impossible to imagine the impact of this insurrection. However, it would mark the entire second half of the 1990s and largely participate in the redefinition of the radical left on a global scale.
The radical left was then at a critical moment in terms of programme and (...)

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Jose Rostier

Tribute: Ernesto Herrera (1949-2024)

3 semaines 2 jours ago

A belated tribute to Ernesto Herrera, who died on 10 January 2024. The shock had to be absorbed. A comrade-friend, with a hyphen of fraternity and not of union, in order to respect his personal trajectory.
Born on 22 May 1949, Antonio Maria Nuñez Guglielmi was part of the Spanish and Italian emigration that settled in Uruguay, a country that experienced exceptional growth from 1910 until the early 1950s. An activist, he chose as his pseudonym the name of a writer who, among other (...)

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Charles-André Udry

Historic public sector strike in NI as a UK local government crisis looms

3 semaines 3 jours ago

An unprecedented strike by 170,000 public sector workers across 15 unions in Northern Ireland took place on January 16 over the UK government's refusal to pay parity wages with other UK workers, spotlighting a growing crisis in local governance and public sector funding across Britain.
An unprecedented strike took place in Northern Ireland on January 16 with 170,000 public sector workers from 15 unions, angry at the refusal of the UK government to pay them parity wages with other UK (...)

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Phil Hearse

Bangladesh and the BKF, an overview: history, political situation, peasant struggles...

3 semaines 6 jours ago

“Bangladesh is a front-line victim of global climate change. Consequently, the rich industrialized countries of the North, which have been emitting carbon for 250 years since the Industrial Revolution, owe an ecological and historical debt to countries like Bangladesh, which are vulnerable to climate change. We shifted the focus of our ongoing campaign on climate change last year, concentrating on this issue of reparation.”

- IV588 - January 2024 /
Badrul Alam, Pierre Rousset

Pakistan Iran border attacks: in historic perspectives

4 semaines 2 jours ago

After an air strike by Pakistani air force on 18th January inside Iranian bordering town killed at least 9 in retaliation to 16 January missiles attack on the border town of Balochistan that killed two kids among others, both Pakistani and Iranian governments agreed to de-escalate the war threat and re-establish a full fledged diplomatic relationship.

- IV588 - January 2024 / ,
Farooq Tariq

Impact of Israeli Genocidal War in Gaza on the Middle East

1 mois ago

THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION army is continuing more than 100 days after its outbreak to wage a genocidal war against the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip. This immediately followed the October 7th Hamas attack, which led to the death of 1,139 persons, including 695 Israeli civilians, 373 members of the security forces and 71 foreigners.
The 2.4 million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip are living under a constant Israeli bombardment of unprecedented violence. By mid-January 2024, (...)

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Joseph Daher

The bubble, the state, and the crooked-mouthed monk: the Chinese property crisis and its culprits

1 mois ago

In its recent press release, the IMF slightly upgraded its gloomy forecast for China's growth next year from 4.2% to 4.6%, but warned about the continuing “weakness in the property sector.” According to Bloomberg, between 2013 and 2022, the price of new homes sold in 300 Mainland Chinese cities trebled. The long boom in the property market has eventually promoted a big bubble that began to burst in 2021. Prices since then have been falling drastically, and developers are facing big difficulties paying back their loans.

- IV588 - January 2024 / ,
Au Loong-Yu
1 heure 17 minutes ago
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