No one has been excluded from the NPA, which will make its decisions on the presidential elections at the end of June

Statement by NPA

In a text made public on Thursday 10 June, the CCR-Permanent Revolution group announced its departure from the NPA. The NPA takes note of this decision, and does not give up its project to address all those who suffer from an increasingly violent and unjust social order, and want to come together to act, collectively, to overthrow it.

Concerning the departure of the CCR-Permanent Revolution, some clarifications are necessary.1 Contrary to what is stated in their text, no one has been excluded from the NPA, neither individually nor collectively. It is indeed a departure: until the publication of this text of rupture, the members of the CCR-Permanent Revolution who pay dues to the NPA had the same status as other NPA activists, could participate in the democratic process underway to decide our orientation for the presidential election, and their representatives in the national leadership bodies could join all the meetings and participate in decision-making.

The departure of the CCR-Permanent Revolution is in fact the consequence of the failure of this group to impose on the NPA the presidential candidacy of Anasse Kazib. This "pre-candidacy", publicly announced on 4 April on social networks and in a few articles, was done in a way that broke with the way the NPA works and the way it makes decisions about our presidential candidacies. These have always been the result of democratic discussions within the NPA, organized around questions of political orientation and profile, and not of personalized "pre-campaigns" - and a fortiori conducted outside the organization.

This "pre-candidature", articulated to the project of launching a "Revolutionary Workers' Party", has convinced no one in the NPA, except the members of the CCR-Permanent Revolution. By staging their alleged "exclusion" today, they want to cast suspicion on the NPA and preventively delegitimize its choices for 2022.

Aware of its internal isolation and its failure to impose its party project and its candidate, the CCR-Permanent Revolution has chosen to withdraw from the NPA even before the internal democratic consultation takes place. Duly noted.

The NPA will, as planned, take its decisions concerning the presidential elections at a national conference on 26 and 27 June. Between now and then, all its members are invited to express their opinion, in the framework of democratic discussions and votes, on the orientation and profile of our organization for 2022.

At the end of this discussion/decision process, the NPA will announce, after the weekend of 26 and 27 June, its choices for the presidential elections, in which we intend to defend a programme of social, ecological and democratic urgency, and carry the perspective of a revolutionary break with the capitalist system.

Montreuil, 11 June 2021.

  • 1In 2018 this current won 11.05% in the NPA congress.

Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA)