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An Uneasy Alliance on the Left

6 dias 10 horas ago

“As a result of the election, for the first time since the 1960s, a socialist party won 1 million votes and 1.7 percent (although it did not enter the elections in many cities) and brought the number of its members to 50 thousand, making a significant contribution towards building a mass socialist party.”

- IV580 - May 2023 /
Metin Feyyaz

Global Post-Fascism and the War in Ukraine

1 semana 2 dias ago

“Therefore, being anti-fascist means claiming a tradition that is not consensual in Ukrainian history. It means to defend a certain political identity within a plural Resistance movement. Things are incredibly complicated. Roughly speaking, we could say that anti-fascism means a free and independent Ukraine not opposed to but rather allied with a democratic Russia.”

- IV580 - May 2023 / , , ,
Enzo Traverso, Ilya Budraitskis

Commons: A Ukrainian left-wing collective intellectual

1 semana 2 dias ago

One of the paradoxes of the war in Ukraine is that some of us have discovered the existence of an active left and a critical and creative thinking in Ukraine that we (including the author of these lines) have ignored for too many years. Amongst our revelations, Commons, Journal of Social Criticism, is certainly one of the most important and productive places for us to understand the situation in Ukraine — and in the world.

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Patrick Le Tréhondat

"The areas of the uprising were those that had suffered the most from the liberalization measures of the 2000s"

2 semanas 1 dia ago

“Syria is a country on the periphery in relation to the centre of capitalist accumulation. Trotsky's theory of uneven and combined development allows us to understand why forms of social organization that can be considered "archaic" or "primary", based on questions of tribe, religion, regionalism — which can also be found in Europe, but not necessarily as developed — are linked to the capitalist but also political development of this region.”

- IV580 - May 2023 /
Joseph Daher
5 dias 7 horas ago
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