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Protestors' Demands for a Ceasefire, End to Support for Israel, Shake American Institutions

1 week 5 days ago

“In the Unites States for the last seven weeks, however, there have been dozens of protest demonstrations involving tens of thousands of people demanding a ceasefire and an end to US. Support for Israel. Mostly organized by Jewish and Palestinian groups, these protests for a ceasefire often involve civil disobedience, blocking major city streets, highways, and bridges, occupying government offices, train stations, or university facilities.”

- IV586 - November 2023 / ,
Dan La Botz

Oppose Israel's repression and war! Solidarity with Palestinians!

2 weeks ago

The year of 2023 has seen an escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Israel has continuously engaged in conflicts with Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, leading to a full-scale war on October 7, 2023. This war, initiated by Israel, has resulted in brutal and inhumane actions against civilians, causing over ten thousand deaths in the Gaza Strip. We strongly condemn Israel's war against the Palestinian people and stand in solidarity with them.

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7 hours 20 minutes ago
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